Information for Faculty & Presenters



There will be a room for speaker service and assistance for uploading of presentations. Should you need technical assistance to upload your presentation, technicians will be available to assist you. Desk & plugs are also available in the lounge if you need to work on your presentation before uploading. Importantly, all speakers must upload presentations a minimum of 3 hours before the session starts or the day before if the session is at 8:30. Presentations received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed audio-visual support. Once uploaded, the presentations will available in the lecture room.



Personal laptop computers cannot be connected to the projectors in lecture rooms. Presentations cannot be loaded directly in on the computer in the lecture rooms.


Guidelines for presenters

Your presentation will be confirmed on your agreement form and via the reminders sent by the organiser. Time allocated to your presentation includes time you need to allow for questions from chairpersons and the audience. Do not forget to include a slide containing your Declaration of Interest. Speakers are required to prepare a presentation to be displayed in the lecture room - See below the instructions to assist you in your preparation. 


Guidelines for chairperson(s)

Chairpersons should ensure the smooth progress of the session, time management and additionally encourage discussion and interaction between faculty and the audience by allowing sufficient time for questions from the audience. It is recommended that chairpersons liaise with the speakers presenting in their session as early as possible, preferably prior to the congress.


Technical information for oral presentations

The PowerPoint® version used in the meeting rooms will be PowerPoint® 2016, PC version. In order to ensure an optimal delivery of your presentation, please stick to the following guidelines in the preparation of your presentation:

  • Your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint version: type .pptx
  • Preferred page set-up is landscape orientation (portrait orientation will not be displayed correctly).
  • Use standard Windows fonts only. Try to avoid use of non-standard Windows fonts or language specific fonts.
  • Images: Do not copy and paste the images from another application, please use the “insert image from a file” functionality from PowerPoint (format JPG or PNG).
  • Video: MPG, WMV, MOV or AVI are the only acceptable video formats. To avoid any issue with movies and loops with PowerPoint, presentations should be saved as a .pptx files.
  • Apple: Please give your filename an extension “pptx” (Preferred version: PowerPoint 2010/2013).
  • Check your presentation on a Windows-operated computer (preferably Win7) before you upload it.


Declaration of Interest

The Congress Committee requests speakers, judges and chairpersons to disclose potential conflict of interests regarding the topics of the presentations during the introduction of the session for chairpersons or on the first slide of the presentation for speakers. This will allow the audience to take potential conflicts of interest into account when assessing the objectivity of the presentation. A potential conflict of interest may arise from various relationships, past or present, such as employment, consultancy, investments and stock ownership, funding for research, family relationship, etc. The existence of potential conflicts of interest does not necessarily indicate a bias. However, it is an ethical obligation to inform organisers and participants so that they are made aware of any relationship that might cause unintentional bias. Speakers are requested to declare interest regarding their current presentation on their first slide.